Welcome to the sketch blog of that girl who draws Juathuur. Mostly just a place for me to dump the famdom stuff I make for cons and occasionally some excerpts from my original comics and stories.

Fan Expo 2014 is almost upon us. Look’s like it’s gonna be massive this year. If you’re in TO that weekend, stop by my booth! I’ll be at A164 in the artist alley, pretty much where I was last year. Here’s a look at some of the prints I’ll be bringing.

***Since I probably won’t have a chance to check out the north building, stop by my booth and show me a piece of MY art you got signed by a celeb and I’ll give you a free button or mini print***

Is it that time of the year again?

your art is ssoooooo good oh my god
+ artsyarata

Yes, my art would like to be god. That’s why I don’t let it out of the cage. Wouldn’t want to trigger an apocalypse.

Hey friend! I love your art and I was wondering if you could talk about the program that you use to make your digital paintings? I've been trying to find a good program for digital art for ages and yours is so pretty! ~ uwu
+ obsessedoctavia

I work in Photoshop CC mainly. It’s not the only program you can use to achieve that look and is probably the more expensive option, but it’s versatile and powerful when combined with a good tablet and some custom brushes. I’ve used it for a long time for various purposes so it’s my comfort zone, but basically it comes down to what process and workflow feels right to you. Something that can do pressure sensitivity, layers, and custom brushes is essential, but anything beyond that is bonus. Digital painting actually needs very little in terms of fancy tools or effects because it mimics traditional techniques.

Is it bad that I was slightly turned on by your demon dean sketch? Imagine if Jensen Ackles actually posed like that in a photoshoot. Holy shit.
+ Anonymous

My guess is that we’d see a suspicious increase in cases of spontaneous combustion ;P

What are the chances of your beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL Demon!Dean being added to your Redbubble or what you sell at Cons and such? Because I know you said in the description it was just a "quick sketch", and I can't speak for everyone, but of all the "Deanmon" art I've seen on Tumblr all Hellatus this is the only one I would buy a print of to have and love forever. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up so thought I'd ask. Thanks in advance! :)
+ Anonymous

Heh, well hey, sure I can do that. Glad you like. It’s a fairly messy speed paint, so not sure how well it will hold up at larger sizes, but should be okay for moderate size prints. Mayhaps I’ll get around doing a more detailed version. If it works out I’ll do some for FanExpo. http://www.redbubble.com/people/sweetq/works/12402400-its-good-to-be-bad.

A quick little speed sketch cause demon!Dean keeps rattling around in my head making trouble.

You didn’t think I’d actually forget nine, did you?

Playing around with a concept for a older character of mine.

I'm sure you've been asked this before, forgive me- but is this the END end of Juathuur, or will there be another story eventually, the way that Gatecrash followed One Way?
+ Anonymous

At the moment I have no plans for another comic. That could change, you never know, but lately I’m happier with the stuff I’m producing in prose, so I’m gonna stick to that for now. It’s not technically the end of the story though. Pretty much everything I write is connected is some way. Eventually I would like to tell the story that goes in-between Juathuur and my KP novel (which would involve some of Faevv’s later life) but got a few other ones to wrap up first.