Welcome to the sketch blog of that girl who draws Juathuur. Mostly just a place for me to dump the famdom stuff I make for cons and occasionally some excerpts from my original comics and stories.

Working on some prototypes. Can you tell con season is approaching?

Inevitably getting sucked back into Game of Thrones.

Hiya fandom friends. Me and my work buddies are running in Relay for Life this year. This one is kinda personal to us, so we’re looking for support to help our team raise funds to meet our goal. I’m giving away lovely pieces of custom-order sketch art to the first 5 donors of $10 or more (maybe more if I have time).  You can donate here: http://convio.cancer.ca/goto/sweetq  (The photos above are mine from our 2012 relay)

Made this one on request - Ragnar from Vikings. I can’t say no to grimy skin and head tattoos ;P

Trying out a version with Mary’s gun. Maybe a little too big? I suck at weaponry. 

So the idea of a sort of reversal of the crypt scene got stuck in my head and wouldn’t let go until this happened.

gun gun gun gun gun. She doesn't physically have a gun in the scene but it completely portrays her as a character & how unknown/hidden it was (her hand is quite low/more subtle in the painting). Your art is completely fantastic btw!
+ Anonymous

Thanks! And yeah that’s where I’m leaning now too. If I can find a decent reference picture I’ll see if I can work it in. Anyone know what gun she uses? I’m completely useless with that stuff.

Okay so I told myself I’d finish some other projects before more SPN, but then…

May still fiddle with some details, but most of the way there now. Debating putting something in Mary’s other hand (bouquet? gun? lol) But by this point I’m pretty sick of flowers and lace ;P

May have taken out my aggression on the copious snow fall this morning.